You’ve found your soul mate, you’ve set your wedding date, and you’ve picked the venue. Now you need to plan your wedding reception and what would it be without entertainment? What should you look for? What are the things that a wedding service should provide to ensure you get more service at a reasonable cost?


Bridal Beatz is one of the few companies serving Indiana that specializes in wedding services. 

I have a friend or family member who DJ's. Why shouldn't I hire them over a wedding service company?

There is a trade-off when hiring someone you know over a company who does this all the time, Most lack experience, quality equipment and, most importantly, reliability. There is no guarantee that a budget DJ will be able to connect with your crowd and custom-tailor your event. After all, it's an important day in your life, and entrusting an experienced, quality, reliable service is second to none.

Why should I pay more for a wedding service than my cousin or friend?

You need to assess the credibility of the service and compare it to competing services to ensure that you are getting the best value and service. While paying a lower price might be better for your budget, the value and service will not be memorable for you and your guests. ​While our prices are slightly more than a bargain DJ, we make your event run smoothly, emcee your event, and most importantly listen to you.

Will you charge me for lighting, wireless microphones, or an emcee?

The answer is no, we will not nickel and dime your budget as all of our packages are described in detail of the services provided. While some companies may want more for those "extras", we include them. Our DJ services provide everything necessary to help make your event fun and professional. 

How much experience will my DJ have?

All of our DJ's have more than twenty years of experience. The owner himself has twenty-five years in the wedding industry and ensures that the DJ that comes to your event is the correct match for you.

At Bridal Beatz we give you honest and direct feedback while painting a realistic vision for you, helping to make your dreams come to reality. Bridal Beatz has been the #1 choice for wedding entertainment throughout central Indiana, because we believe that having the right entertainment can help you elevate your wedding day from memorable, to unforgettable. ​